Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleepover Night!

Ok - so what do you do when you walk downstairs in the morning and find every soft surface of your living room draped with a snoring 19 or 20 year old??   Well, you make breakfast for them of course!!!  Nothing like the smell of bacon to wake up these boys!!  :) :)
Cheesy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, whole wheat bagels and fresh oranges and cranberry juice woke these boys up after a "movie marathon" night!   Of course - it took them all of 10 minutes to devour it all!!
I'm thinking these college breaks last a tad too long....don't you agree? 


  1. So, where's the pretty plate?! :)

  2. Something was missing....ME! I came downstairs to leave and realized my banana and breakfast bar just wouldn't add up to what I was going to miss....