Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dawg Night!

Don't want you all to think that I started this blog to simply let it hang out there and never post anything on it!  Truth be told - I cooked and baked so much in the last few weeks that my refrigerator and freezer have been so full of food - that the thought of making MORE food was simply impossible!  I have been eating "leftovers" for the past few days - but it is time to clean out the fridge and start anew! 
But I will have to start "anew" tomorrow - because tonight is an SIU basketball game!  The first MVC game on TV as the Dawgs are in Peoria playing Bradley tonight - plus, Rich is driving back from Springfield after a day of meetings.....which means tonight......it's PIZZA night!  So, tune in tomorrow!  Hopefully, some HEALTHY creativity will strike for dinner!  In the meantime...GO DAWGS!! :)

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