Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicken Cutlets with Mustard Pan Sauce

I found this recipe in the paper and decided to give it a try....just tweeked it a little.  As I am preparing dinner, in walks Megan - smiling as she "sniffs" the air and asks if there is enough for her.  So, I set another plate.  Five minutes later, in walks QB, one of Grant's buddies, who excitedly asks "Whatcha making that smells so good?!"  I simply tell him what I am making and set another plate - and, as I could have predicted, 5 minutes later - in walks ZB, QB's brother - and I set another plate.

Not a leftover to be had.  Either they were all starving - or this recipe wasn't half bad!

Chicken Cutlets with Mustard Pan Sauce

6 chicken cutlets
1/2 cup chicken stock
6 T French's Dijon Mustard w/ Chardonnay
1 T chopped Chives
1 garlic clove - minced
1/3 cup softened cream cheese........
(the above is the recipe from the paper)

I tweeked it just a tad - - I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and by adding a little white wine to the pan as I was browning the chicken. I also added about 2 T of butter to the pan.

So - you brown the chicken on both sides - about 15 minutes.
Combine the rest of the ingredients and whisk together until completely blended and pour over chicken.  Heat through until sauce thickens slightly.

I served over parmesan buttery noodles.

It really was good - and would probably be great with pork chops too!

Try it!