Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Filling for Cupcakes

I was just reading a comment from my best friend, Kim, in Atlanta, and she is wanting to make "Filled Cupcakes" so I thought I would just share an idea I came up with a while back that has been a huge hit.  I always like to "accent" my cupcakes with some sort of filling - and since so many people are trying to watch their weight - I decided to try this with Angel Food Cake Cupcakes.  These were so good that I have made them over and over again, by request!

First the filling - (which is the reason for the blog today :)
Two ingredients......
1 Jar Marshmallow Creme
Instant Espresso Powder (don't use instant coffee if you can avoid it - find the Espresso, its in most grocery stores....instant coffee tastes bitter to me....but the Espresso makes you say....ahhhhh :)

Empty the Marshmallow Creme in a bowl and whisk in enough of the Espresso powder until you have a color that looks like "coffee with cream".  (About 1 T. m/l)

Scoop the mixture into a large Ziplock bag.  Zip the bag and snip one of the corners - and you have an instant pastry bag.....

Cupcakes - hey this is up to you......whatever kind you want to make.....skies the limit.  But since I made this originally to go in the Angel Food Cupcakes I will tell you how I finished them off.....

All I used was an Angel Food cake mix - prepared like it directs  - but I poured it in cupcake liners.

When they were done - I let them cool  - and then with a sharp knife I cut an "x" in the top of each one.

Then I squeezed  a small amount of the filling into the "x" of each cupcake.  Don't over-fill of it will ooze out the top.   Then I sprinkled the tops of the cupcakes with powdered sugar.   But the final "TaDa" was the topping....

Cool Whip
Chocolate Syrup

1 8 oz container of Cool Whip and squeeze in enough chocolate syrup to make it look like a light "chocolate milk"...maybe 1/4 cup.  Mix it well and put it in another Ziplock bag.  If you have a decorating tip - use that....(makes it look pretty) ...but if not - just snip the corner like you did for the filling.

Squeeze a pretty dollop of topping onto each cupcake and then LIGHTLY sprinkle the tops with cinnamon.

I call these "Mexican Kisses" - very light and low fat - but pack a powerful flavor punch!

But I digress.....this is all about the filling!  You can use the filling in chocolate cake, vanilla cake, yellow cake.......whatever you want!  Its yummy!

(Oh ....its a great topper on hot chocolate too.....just an FYI)



  1. IF - and that's a big "IF" - but IF you have any of these left over - Cover them with foil and keep the leftovers in the refrigerator! If you don't cover them - they will get hard on top pretty fast and won't be nearly as yummy.

  2. Sound Great!

  3. Janie - you are MY angel! What a fabulous sounding idea. I have just printed off "Paula's" chocolate - coffee cupcake recipe but I LOVE the sound of this one! Much better for the waistline anyway. You are precious to devote today's blog to helping me out with my next "lesson"! I will definitely try this one - I always wondered if you could do angel food as a cupcake. NOW I know!